21 Dec
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How it all Started

It feels nice to make this first post on the Winter Solstice. I’ve been thinking about this website for a very long time, but only just recently felt the inspiration to do something about it. I have had the honor of offering yoga classes in the Philadelphia/Central New Jersey area for about a year and a half, and almost nothing I’ve ever done in my life feels quite so right.

My yoga journey began as many in America probably do; I was looking for a way to lose weight. I wanted the infamous yoga butt. And if the rest of the yoga-body followed, so much the better (of primary importance though, was the butt). So I followed an ad for a Beginner Yoga Workshop to the nearest studio. I never imagined that following that ad would change the course of my life. But then, so many of the most important decisions are those that don’t seem so.

By the end of the workshop, I found myself taking classes three times per week. Soon, it was almost every day. I was arriving early to talk to my (endlessly patient) teacher about the physical practice and the philosophy. Slowly, weight loss became a secondary purpose for my practice. The all-important butt suddenly seemed less important than a well-aligned knee and a few moments of stillness in savasana. This was a confusing thing for me to realize, particularly because I wasn’t quite sure why I loved it so much.

When my teacher announced that she would be offering a 200-hour teacher training at the studio, there was no question. I signed up, a bit baffled by my own certainty that this was something I had to do. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life to date. I didn’t necessarily sign up with the goal in mind of teaching. I wanted to know more, needed to. I felt energized, fulfilled, excited about my life and my mind and my body as I never had been before. And then at some point, I realize that teaching was something I wanted. To offer to others what had brought me so much joy. My life was changing rapidly, and I knew with certainty that yoga would be part of it. It has now been almost two years after my graduation from teacher training, and I am happier than ever to be offering classes in the tradition of love and compassion that my teacher offers.

On an external level, I’ve become slightly obsessed with Yoga Therapy, finding new music to play in class, and new books to read, with cooking foods to please my insides as much as my taste buds, with taking the time to make things by hand.

So, I wanted a home on the internet to talk about this stuff. Yoga, music, meditation, therapy, food, art. A place to post class schedules and workshops. And maybe other people will like it too, and maybe they won’t. But I hope you do!

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

1 Comment

  • Love this :) You make me want to take classes so badly. With you!

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