11 Apr
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April’s class playlist is up!

Two weeks ago, I told students that I would be taking requests to build a playlist comprised of recommendations that I would use throughout the month of April. I love playing music in my classes, and usually spend¬† an hour to an hour and a half on each playlist I build. There’s something special about hearing a song you just love as you sweep the front body up in Virabadrasana I, or surrender into Janu Sirsasana. I try to play a variety of music genres in my classes, but this month I thought I would ask the students for that variety. I loved all the requests, which ended up coming together into an interesting mix. I noticed as I played through each song that there was a distinct theme to this playlist. Though none of the students had spoken to one another before they gave me their requests, there were similar threads in each song. These songs speak about recognizing the things that bind us, finding the strength and courage to break free of those bonds, and move towards absolute freedom.¬† And that freedom cannot be found in a past that no longer exists or in an uncertain future we can anticipate but never truly know. That freedom can only be found in each current moment, in each breath.

So thank you, everyone, for your wonderful recommendations! The below list will be posted here and on the Playlist page throughout the month of April.


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