14 Feb
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Music, Updates, Other Stuff!

A lot of you have been asking me about the music I play in class recently, and I promised to come back and update this page!

In doing so, I remembered the plugin I use to “pull” playlist information from my last.fm account only posts one playlist at a time. Over the next few weeks, I’ll play around with some different options. I’ve played around with Spotify, the app that acquired my beloved last.fm, but I’m not a fan of apps that force you to download their software to preview music. ┬áIt also limits embedable playlists to 8 songs, which irritates me.

I’ll use the app for now to share the song you all loved so much on Tuesday.

Check back here by the end of this weekend and I should have a playlist or two posted. Music is certainly not required for yoga, but I look at is as a complementary method of connecting with the divine. Music is a powerful expression of the soul, and we can use it to guide our human experience. So I will start updating again…not just with playlists, but with information about asana and yoga philosophy as well.

Feel free to post requests here…poses, themes, and songs are all fair game!


So, what do you think?